4Ts Of Digital Marketing Operations

By Joe Ghantous, Founder of Right Service
Version 7.5 Last Updated on 11 July 2019

​In 1960 Jerome McCarthy had come up with the “4P’s of Marketing” concept that sets up controllable variables to help brands influence their buyers’ response.

After 7 years, Philip Kotler, the father of modern marketing, had popularized this concept in his book & make it the marketing bible.

Picture of Philip Kotler

After 50 years, I think the time has come to create a new marketing concept that meets the digital age & allows brands to simply manage & implement any digital marketing activity. On January 9, 2017 after 17 years of experience in digital marketing and studying the market requirements and analyzing the active digital marketing campaigns I have come up with “ The 4T’s of Digital Marketing Operations”, a Lebanese Marketing Concept That Can Be Implemented Internationally.

The 4T’s of Digital Marketing Operations is a new marketing concept that combines and derives benefits from its 4 factors of success (Tactics, Tools, Training & Tracking) to cost-effectively accomplish the operations’ desired goals and objectives.

The 4T's concept consists of builders & drivers solutions.

"Builders" solutions are designed to set the foundation for future success, lay the groundwork and create the necessary base on which you will develop your digital marketing knowledge, your brand online, differentiate it from competitors, and expand online reach and influence. (Builders solutions are represented in this concept by the ingredients of these 2 Ts: TACTICS & TRAINING). Once the foundation is in place, it will be the time for "Drivers" solutions to make things happen, represented here by the components of the remaining Ts: TOOLS & TRACKING, but you should focus on "Builders" first.

There are no more silos of marketing, everything is connected. Success depends on the integration of builders and drivers solutions.

Picture of Joe Ghantous

Think of “Digital Marketing Operations” like flying a plane!

Would a pilot take off without a flight plan, inspecting the plane and ensuring that it has enough fuel to make it to the final destination? (Tactics).

When taking off, would the pilot shut down the instrument panel and silence the radio while flight? (Tools).

Can anyone fly a plane without signing up for thorough Training?

When taking off, would the pilot turn off the radar? (Tracking).

Of course not, without a flight plan, training, radar & the instruments, especially the radio the pilot wouldn’t be able to detect any threat, know how the plane is functioning; and communicate about the flight plans. He could look out of the window (similar to what most digital marketers do today) but would not have enough scope of vision to keep the plane safe. Eventually, the pilot would be flying blind.

The same analogy shall be also followed nowadays in creating your effective digital marketing operations, representing the main pillars of “The 4T’s”.

This marketing concept is flexible and can be customized according to your business size:

1. If you have a small & medium sized company that is operating without a digital marketing strategy, then "The 4t's of Digital Marketing Operations" is your solution.

2. If you are an individual with a free profession (Doctors, lawyers, Public Figures....) then “The 4t's of Personal Online Branding” fits you, especially that nowadays the personal branding becomes the company brand.

3. If you have or a member of a big company with running digital marketing operations then “The 4T's in Reverse” is good for you to benchmark & evaluate these operations.