Of Course YES!

A lot of marketers forget that marketing strategies are living documents, especially that we live in a digital world that is in constant evolution and staying in the past has a very large cost on the business.

You can think of strategy renewals like pruning trees. Pruning will lead them to grow faster and produce better fruit. The same happens when renewing your strategy, it clears your mind and redirects energy toward real priorities.

Also from the date of preparing your digital marketing strategy, you had been striving to achieve your goals and reach your objectives. That’s why over time your company is growing and your goals are changing.

Therefore your strategy must be reviewed and renewed to meet your current situation and set new fresh goals for future growth.

In this sense, the process that follows is more than addition and subtraction; it is multiplication and transformation.

Now you’ll be asking yourself: “Well when I should renew my strategy?” The answer is simple!

Your digital marketing strategy, in general, should be renewed at least once a year. But the renewal date may vary according to several factors, similar but not limited to the following:

- Launching a new product or service

- Expanding into new markets

- Change in the competition scene

- Change in suppliers or technologies

- Rise of new customers

- Harsh conditions that threaten the survival of your firm

- A competitor has copied your product or service

- Variation in the economy (inflation, recession, unemployment rates)

- Major update in your industry

Don’t get overwhelmed with the fact of renewing your digital marketing strategy. May be creating your first business plan may have been a chore, but updating a plan is easier and more fun, since you have some experience and a track record, and you have experimented and know what works and what doesn’t. Plus, you have already existing information to use as a foundation.

Don’t Have a Digital Marketing Strategy to Update?

It is never too late. We are always here to support you in all your digital marketing operations, starting with preparing your digital marketing strategy based on our unique marketing formula the “4Ts of Digital Marketing Operations