If you stop learning, you stop creating history and become history - Vadim Kotelnikov

Nowadays, people are always seeking to gain knowledge on a daily basis to keep winning & growing on the personal and professional levels. Despite the several learning methods (similar to books & documentaries), attending a workshop is the first thing that may come to your mind when deciding to gain additional knowledge, and here is when you get confused whether to attend an offline or an online workshop.

Don’t worry we got your back!

In this blog, I will be listing the main advantages and disadvantages of both online and offline workshops.

But first keep in mind the most vital factors when choosing a workshop are:

- The workshop outline

- The workshop trainer

Let’s start with the Advantages:

Advantages of offline workshops:

• The process of learning is not isolated Usually during offline workshops there will be group of like-minded who you can share with them your knowledge, expertise as well as widen your network.

• The quick response on inquiries During offline workshops, there is an instructor present at all times to answer your queries on the spot in addition to that any doubts and problems can be solved immediately.

• The true form of learning Offline workshops is where there is involvement of people sharing and receiving knowledge without any delay

• The customized knowledge When attending offline workshop this will assure that you will be receiving customized content by region, industry or case-by-case

• The latest knowledge It is much easier to update an offline workshop material than recording a whole new video, that’s why you’ll receive fresh knowledge during offline sessions.

Advantages of Online Workshops:

• The accessibility Online workshops can be attended to at any place and any time as per your convenience.

• No distraction There is no other attendees out there to disturb you, so you may receive uninterrupted learning.

• The ability to repeat In case you have any doubt, you can repeat the same piece of information several times without actually annoying the trainer or disturbing others.

After summing up the pros of each type of training/workshop, let us dive in the cons.

Disadvantages online workshops:

• Internet Access: You should have an access to the Internet in order to attend online workshops

• Answering Queries: If there is an issue with the subject or anything else, immediate aid cannot be assured. As it is online, a query sent will be answered only if there is someone online on the other end. If not, you have to wait until a response comes back.

• No Peer Learning: There is a lot of things can be learnt form a peer, but in this form, there is no option for the same in "real-time" (unless there is a web chat or a forum where the others attending the class can discuss the subject).

Disadvantages of offline workshops:

• Fixed Timings: The learning is confined to fixed timings. It can only occur between the workshop’s timings only.

• Dependency: Usually during offline workshops, you’ll tend to be overly dependent on the trainer for every detail.

• Cost: Even though there is no value for knowledge you gain, but usually attending offline workshops costs more

Who’s the winner!

It is up to you to evaluate what is the best solution for you, but always keep in mind nothing takes place of personal engagement and live interactions.