Don’t be shocked! Yes, we don’t do daily social media management.

We are always being asked as one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the Middle East by our clients and new prospects to daily manage their social media presence but instead, we offer them replacement solutions and reject the daily management request.​

Are you eager to know why we don’t ​do daily management and what does our replacement solution include?

Let’s get started.

Here are the reasons behind our odd decision:

1. We have a strong belief that nobody knows your business and target audience as you, so by outsourcing the daily management, this could ultimately be a disadvantage for your business and put your brand name, professionalism, and authenticity in severe danger.

2. An outside manager or agency can’t answer your fan/follower’s questions right away without getting back to you. So this will cause an inevitable delay in responding; this can be ill-received in this day and age where people accustomed to receiving immediate results thus affecting your brand image. And don’t forget the errors that can easily be made through miscommunication of information.

3. Real-time social media marketing is the reverse of outsourcing the daily management especially when a time-sensitive event occurs that affects your business or industry or in case of a crisis attacking your online presence, outsourcing will make you lose some agility. Agencies will need to receive from your part the green light to proceed thus making any new update not new anymore and allows a small crisis to spread with lightning speed.

4. One of the keys to success is to coordinate between online and offline operations alongside departments. Having an agency handling your brand’s social media presence will make you lose the synchronization between departments and operations.

We showed you why not, let us now show you the substitute. ​

Nowadays digital marketing agencies are shape-shifting to succeed especially in a swiftly changing world.

Therefore we are working on re-defining what it means to be an agency, not trying to build a social services department that solely sets up Twitter accounts and Facebook pages for businesses but instead provides the services and strategic guidance that clients cannot provide themselves.

From this new shift, we always endorse our clients and new prospects, whether they will be working with us or not, to apply the new agencies’ replacement solution that includes:

- Preparing a complete marketing strategy (tactics).

- Selecting the desired social media platforms (tools) & curating the needed content in reference to the client’s target audience in order to achieve the companies’ objectives.

- Training the marketing teams on how to effectively use the selected social media platforms for business including daily management.

- Tracking these platforms insights for a better ROI.

Without forgetting the importance of coordinating between social media marketing and other digital marketing tools, that is clearly reflected in the new marketing concept “The 4T’s of Digital Marketing Operations”. We had now given you all the logical reasons why not to outsource your daily social media management with highlighting on the new digital marketing agencies’ roles.