89% of marketers worldwide say that email is their primary channel for lead generation and that’s true due to the huge number of e-mail users worldwide (3.7 billion users) and this figure is set to grow to 4.1 billion users in 2021. This what drives brands and companies to excessively use email marketing practices to reach more leads, but what they don’t know is that the email marketing practices they are using will affect their result.

Due to the nonexistence of privacy policy in the Arab world, most of the email marketing practices are mass mailing (when an email sent for commercial purposes without the permission from the receiver).

Day in day out this type of email marketing is dominating in the Arab world over opt-it or targeted email marketing (any commercial email sent to people who have specifically signed up to receive it) due to its low cost of sending and the unfamiliarity about the disadvantages of such practices. Therefore in this blog post, I will be sharing with you what do email marketing companies hide from their clients about mass mailing.

Let’s start!

1. Low open rate:

Mass Mailing companies always exaggerate about the percentage of open rates to be sometimes above 25%, knowing that the average open rates of the targeted/opt-in email is around 20% (but it differs by industry*) and that of mass mailing is much lower, around 10%. Even though your email is being received by a big number of recipients, it will not be opened by all of them, in case it was received in the inbox in the first place.

* Check the average open rate for opt-in email by industry below:

2. Identified as Spam:

Your email marketing service provider will not inform you that brands using mass mailing will have high risk of being identified as spam. People's inboxes get inundated with email. To cut down on the number of unwanted emails, many servers have filters in place to lessen the number of spam emails a person receives. Even though you’re sending to a big number of email recipients, only some of them will see your email in their inboxes.

3. Low Response:

52% of email recipients will read the email, click on the provided link or even share it with others, if they already know who is the sender or subscribed to receive such email. But this doesn’t work with mass mailing since the majority of your email recipients are not interested in your product/service and didn’t ask to receive emails from you.

4. High numbers of Unsubscribes:

The mass mailing providers always highlight on the huge number of sends with the low cost, but what they hide is the high number of unsubscribes (who ask to not receive any future email from your brand anymore). So when sending another email targeting the same list the total sends will not be the same (after deducing the big number of unsubscribes). In spite of all the above points, the low cost of sending mass email campaigns (around $100 per 100,000 email addresses) is what makes it the dominating email practice in the Arab world mainly to raise awareness (if the open rate in our mentioned example is 10% then 10,000 will open your email thus the cost of each email recipient is $0.01) Which is nothing!

Because Right Service always tend to provide its clients with the best solutions, we developed our email marketing solution to not only include the mass mailing service (that we started more than 10 years ago), but also the targeted email practice alongside the know-how of using email marketing in a right and effective way, through our new solution “A to Z Email Marketing”.