As we all can remember, LinkedIn events was first launched in 2008 and quickly became a hit among conference organizers. But after 4 years, in 2012 LinkedIn suddenly decided to deactivate this feature.

But now it’s back!

In 2019, LinkedIn has gradually rolled out the feature to selected users at first, then the English-speaking markets, and now it’s being made available for everyone with its public and private options.

With 80% of LinkedIn members agreeing that professional networking is critically important to success. The events feature will help users to grow active, professional communities by building authentic, face to face relationships.

LinkedIn events provide the capacity for members to create and organize event pages, and facilitate in-person meet-ups via the professional social network. The idea is that the when the function is fully operational LinkedIn members will be able to act as an organizer of an Event giving them the ability to:

• Create the Event on LinkedIn, including all the relevant details such as date, time etc

• Invite attendees from their connections

• Share the Event with their network to encourage other people to attend

• See who is attending and liaise with them

• Withdraw an invitation or remove an attendee

• Post updates about the event and change/amend any of the Event details

• Follow up with attendees post the Event

On the other hand, attendees who have signed up for the Event will be able to:

• See who else is attending

• Send invitations to their own connections who they think might be interested in attending the Event

• Chat with other attendees using the Event page feed before, during and after the Event

• Invite other attendees to connect with them

Find in the below slide-share presentation more details about LinkedIn Events: