The 4th Pillar of the 4T's of Digital Marketing Operations

"To Measure is to Know"

If you’re not tracking your digital marketing operations, you will be missing out a main qualification that differentiates it.

Right Service will help you in tracking your online campaigns if they were based on “The 4T’s of Digital Marketing Operations”.

Our “Tracking” support will consist of the below ingredients:

  • T: Target Numbers
  • R: RODMI (return on digital marketing investment)
  • A: Amendments (implement the needed corrections)
  • C: Conversion
  • K: KPI’s (key performance indicators)
  • I: Intent indicators
  • N: Nobel Tools
  • G: Goal Funnel

To provide you with ultimate support, Right Service created the

Online Behavioral Tracking Hub” where you’ll get free access to the most important online analytics metrics and numbers.